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Welcome to Velocity Chess Frequently Asked Questions!

Welcome to VELOCITY CHESS! The first thing you should know about us is simple. We love chess! Our mission here at Velocity is to provide a fresh perspective on how people play chess. We want to create the best online chess playing experience and foster the most active and exciting chess community worldwide. Velocity Chess is the most rewarding place to play online chess.

Our unique handicapping system allows players of all skill levels to compete against one another on an even playing field. There are free daily tournaments that award vChips. Exchange your virtual currency for AWESOME prizes. Play unlimited games for FREE and earn points in our VP system to level up and become Velocity Chess royalty!

The FAQ below should answer most of your questions. If you have a specific question, ask around in the main chat room or the Help & Support chat room, or explore the forums. If you have a question about your account, please send an email to There also is a Support tab in the bottom right corner where you may leave us a note. Thanks again for playing here at Velocity Chess!



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Rules and Regulations





Game Grid

How do I play a game?

On the left side of your screen, you will see small boxes in a larger grid. Each box will contain the player’s username, picture and rating. It will also contain the number of vChips they would like to play for as well as the amount of time given to each player. Click on the yellow Play button shown when your mouse is on a game box to accept a match. The game will begin shortly.


What if I don’t want to play any of those games?

What if there are no games in the grid?

You can make your own games to put on the game grid. Click on Start Game to open a dialog box, shown on the right. First, decide if you want to play a rated or unrated game. Then you can change the quantity of vChips wagered and the amount of time each player receives using the sliding buttons. You may also adjust which players can see your request based on their rating. After clicking Create Game, your game will appear on the game grid. If there is a game in the game grid that exactly matches your game conditions, you will be paired together and the game will automatically begin. Otherwise, once someone clicks on your box, the game will start.

 Game Settings

How do I play against the computer?

You can also play an unrated game against the computer. Click on Play Computer which is below Start Game. You can choose between four different levels of opponents and four different time controls.


I get a message saying that there are no computers available. Why are the computer players busy?

We have several computers available to play against; however, we encourage players to seek games against live opponents. You can either wait for a computer opponent or seek a game against someone else.


I would like to play a game against my friend. How do I challenge my friend to a match?

At the right side of the top toolbar is Who’s Online. Click on it to show a list of players that are online. There are orange buttons next to each player’s name. Click it to challenge them if they are not currently playing. A dialog box will appear and you can change the game conditions. After you click Send Challenge, your friend will receive an invitation. You can also challenge any player that is online.

 Who's Online

What else can I access using Who’s Online?

Click on a player’s name to visit their profile page. Click on the blue button to send the player a friend request. If the person is currently playing a game, the orange button will allow you to observe their game.


Can I watch other players’ games?

Sure! If you scroll down past the game grid, you will see a list of games currently being played. Clicking the blue button on the right end of each line will allow you to observe the game.


Are vChip wagers optional?

Yes. Unrated games are always for 0 vChips, and players may agree to play any rated game for 0 vChips.


How do I play another game?

After a game ends, there are three buttons towards the bottom of the board. Click the center button that says Rematch to offer to play again. You may also change the game settings or start a new game with a different opponent.


When does my rating become official?

After you have played 20 rated games, your rating becomes official. You may now wager more than 100 vChips on a single game, use our unique handicapping system, and register for tournaments.


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How is my opponent moving so fast!?

Players can “premove” while it is their opponent’s turn. By determining what move to make next while their opponent’s clock is running, players can make a move in a tenth of a second. In order to premove, make your next move. A red arrow appears showing which move you have selected. After your opponent moves, your move will be made if it is legal. Otherwise it will be canceled. You can manually cancel your premove by clicking the cancel button on the lower right hand side of the board. You can also manually cancel a premove by right clicking. While premoving may help you move faster and leave more time on your clock, it can be a risky strategy. If you incorrectly predict your opponent’s next move, mistakes can be made. You have been warned!


How do I offer a draw? How do I resign a game?

Both the draw and resign buttons are located on the right edge of the board. You may offer a draw by clicking the draw button. In order to claim a draw by threefold repetition, you will need to click the draw button. Stalemates and insufficient material are automatically draws.


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What is a handicap game?

Handicaps allow players of different skill levels to compete each other in a fair game. Let’s say that a 1450 rated player wants to play a game against a grandmaster with a rating of 2350. The grandmaster should win every single game, right? Handicapping allows the game to be fairer and gives the lower rated player a better chance of winning. It will radically change the way you see and play chess!


What methods are used to handicap a game?

There are three ways to handicap: time, piece and wager. Let’s bring back our 1450 rated player and grandmaster and look at three possible scenarios. Velocity Chess allows you to play a game with uneven time controls. Perhaps this game will be 3 minutes to 1 minute. Another option is to remove pieces from the board. Maybe the GM will remove a knight and two pawns. Finally, the wagers can be different. The lower rated player might wager 1,000 vChips for the opportunity to win 5,000 from the GM. Best of all, you can combine handicaps, like the one here.


Handicap Settings

How do I create a handicap game?

You will need to directly challenge an opponent in order to play a handicap game. Click on Who’s Online, located on the right end of the top toolbar. You will see a list of players drop down. If a player is not currently playing, click the Challenge button next to their name to challenge them. Handicaps are initially off, so slide the button to the right to initiate handicaps. Use the sliders to change the time and wager and click on pieces on the board to create the piece handicap. Then click send challenge.


What are some typical handicaps played on Velocity Chess?

Tournaments with time controls of 60 and 120 seconds are time handicapped. Players also like to play 10 second “Chaos” chess. Time handicaps are most popular on Velocity Chess, although there are plenty of other handicapped games. Unique piece handicaps include only pawns, no pawns, or one opponent removes a single piece.


Can I create a handicap game on the game grid?

Handicap games are only for direct challenges. The only handicap game that can appear on the game grid is if it is restricted by rating class. Players who set their game seek for only certain ratings will appear as handicap games.


What is Chaos Chess?

Chaos Chess is chess where at least one player has only 10 seconds to make all of his moves. We have a modified rating system for Chaos Chess, where players can only gain or lose a maximum of 2 points per game instead of the regular 24 points. An even match will give winner one rating point and the player who is defeated loses a point. An uneven match, due to rating difference, time or piece handicaps can allow the favored player or underdog to gain or lose up to 2 points per game. This rating system also applies to games where only one player has 10 seconds.

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What are vChips?

vChips are the Velocity Chess virtual currency. You may use vChips as wagers for regular games, entry fees for special tournaments and redemption for AWESOME prizes.


How do I get more vChips?

There are several ways to get more vChips:

  • Win a wager game
  • Win a prize in any tournament
  • Finish a Daily Challenge
  • Correctly solve a tactics puzzle
  • Refer your friends and receive vChips when they complete certain milestones


What are Daily Challenges?

There are several Daily Challenges that award players with vChips when completed. They are slightly different from day to day. Track your progress by hovering over the Daily Challenges icon toward the top center of your screen. Find out how much time you have left by looking at the bottom of the Daily Challenges box. The clock resets every 24 hours with new challenges to complete. Log in to Velocity Chess and earn thousands of vChips every day!

 Daily Challenges

I get vChips for referring my friends?

That’s right! Check out the Referral Section below for details.

Click here to read more.


I am running out of vChips. What should I do?

If you have fewer than 500 vChips, click the yellow Refill button. Then click the blue refill button in the dialog box that opens. We will refill your balance so you have 500 vChips. You may refill once every 12 hours.


But I want more than 500 vChips! What should I do now?

If you have verified your ID, you can purchase additional vChips using a credit card, Paypal, or bitcoins. Click on the red Deposit (Buy vChips) button and choose the quantity of vChips you would like to buy. There are five different amounts of vChips you can purchase ranging from 5 USD up to 100 USD. The conversion ratio is 1 USD to 10,000 vChips. Please note that once you purchase vChips, your account will be restricted from exchanging for prizes for the following week. vStore purchases during the first week and vChip purchases over 100 USD may be voided at our discretion.


I heard that there are prizes. What are the prizes, and how do I win one?

In order to exchange your vChips for a prize, you will need at least 200,000 vChips. Click on the Cashier page and navigate to the Velocity Store tab. Choose from Paypal, Bitcoin, and Amazon along with several other options for your prize type. You can also choose the amount in increments of 50,000 (5 USD) above the initial 200,000 vChips.


I have not received my prize. When can I expect to receive it?

First, please make sure you have verified your identity using the General Identity Verification form located on your profile page. You will need to electronically send some additional ID, preferably a government issued photo identification. We want to make sure that you are a real person that is elgible to receive prizes. You will receive a green check mark icon next to your username, showing that you have been approved by VC. Once you have verified your account, it usually takes approximately one week to process requests and send prizes. Our customer support team will keep you updated about the status of your prize. If you any questions regarding your prize status, please send a message to a member of the Security Team.


Does Velocity Chess charge any fees?

NO! Velocity Chess will never collect fees from its players for redeeming prizes. If you redeem 20 USD of vChips, you will get 20 USD of prizes. Playing games on our site is free; you don’t need to wager a single vChip in order to enjoy playing chess on our site.

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VP Points

Play a 10 second game


Play a 20 second game


Play a 30 second game


Play a 1 minute game


Play a 2 minute game


Play a 3 minute game


Play a 5 minute game


Play a 15 minute game


First Game of the Day!


10 Games Played Today


25 Games Played Today


50 Games Played Today





What is the VP System?

Every time you play a game on our site, you receive Velocity Player points. As you increase your VP point total, you level up and can be promoted. Start your quest to ascend to royalty as a Velocity Chess KING!


How do I earn more VP points?

On the right is a table with the current VP points system. You receive VP points for playing games and completing achievements. The longer the game lasts, the more VP points.


How do I gain levels and ranks?

Every few levels, you become a different color. While you start as a wood pawn, you transform into a bronze pawn at level 4 and a silver pawn at level 7. Sometimes you get promoted. At level 9, you become a bronze knight.


What do I get when I level up and rank up?

Currently, you receive a badge on your Achievements page. Stay tuned for new bonuses and rewards!


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When can I enter a tournament?

You can start playing in tournaments once you receive your official rating, which is given after playing 20 rated games. Once you get your new rating, you can enter as many tournaments as you like!


What types of tournaments are there?

Currently, we have five free daily tournaments as well as special tournaments with entry fees. We are also planning to introduce new types of tournaments in the future.

Our current tournament schedule as of March 14, 2016 is as follows. All tournaments below are time handicapped.

5:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM GMT : Daily Blitz Tournament, 50 minutes long, Game/120 seconds, Free, 30k vChips of prizes

9:00 AM EST / 1:00 PM GMT : Daily Championships, 40 minutes long, Game/60 seconds, Free, 50k vChips of prizes

1:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM GMT : Daily Chaos Tournament, 20 minutes long, Game/10 seconds, Free, 20k vChips of prizes

6:00 PM EST / 10:00 PM GMT : Daily Bullet Tournament, 30 minutes long, Game/60 seconds, Free, 30k vChips of prizes

11:00 PM EST / 3:00 AM GMT : Daily 20/20 Tournament, 20 minutes long, Game/20 seconds, Free, 20k vChips of prizes

Finally, there is a free to play monthly championship on the last day of the month at 9:00 AM EST / 1:00 PM GMT, 60 minutes long, Game/60 seconds, with one million vChips in prizes.


How do I register for a tournament?

Click on the Tournaments tab found at the top of your screen. You will be brought to our Featured Tournaments page. From there, click on any of the other tabs to view the different categories of tournaments. Grand Prix is where you will find free daily tournaments while Sit and Go is where there are tournaments that begin once there are enough players. When you hover over a tournament, a yellow Register button will appear and if you click it, you’ll be registered! If there is an entry fee, it will be collected immediately, and if you choose to unregister, your vChips are immediately returned. You can also click More Info to find out more about the tournament details.


There are FREE tournaments? Tell me more!

There are currently five free tournaments every day. They are time handicapped with time controls of 10, 20, 60 or 120 seconds. Tournaments last between 20 to 60 minutes. The guaranteed prize pool is usually 50,000 vChips, although it can be up to a cool 2,500,000 vChips!


Wait! I can win two and a half million vChips just by playing in one tournament?!

Well, it is 2,500,000 vChips to be split among all the winners. Depending on the number of registered players and prize pool, first place can receive anywhere between 5,000 and 250,000 vChips in daily tournaments. The number of players who receive a prize is based on the size of the tournament. Usually it is the top quarter to top third of active players.


What are the time handicaps for Daily Tournaments?

Players rated higher than their opponents will have less time on their clock. As the difference in rating increases, the time given to the higher rated player decreases.


Can you give me an example?

In a bullet tournament with time controls of 60 seconds, similarly ranked players will usually see small or no handicaps such as 60 seconds/60 seconds or 60/57, while players with a 200-300 rating point gap will see 60/52 or 60/45 time controls. Players with large rating disparities from 500 and up can see major handicaps of 60/30 and 60/20.


How do players earn points in tournaments?

Players earn 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. If a player wins two games in a row, they go on a hot streak and receive a lightning bolt icon. The third win in a row and any additional wins will score twice as many points, 4 points per win. A draw or loss ends the streak.


How do the tiebreaks work in tournaments?

There are four tiebreaks. The first is number of points earned (39 points beats 36 points). The second is number of wins (a win is worth more than two draws). The third is head to head win-loss record (Player A and Player B both have 12 wins and 2 draws. Player A beat Player B twice. Player A wins the third tiebreak). The final tiebreak is number of wins to begin the tournament (Player A and Player B both won 12 games, and each went 1-1 against each other. Player A started the tournament with 5 wins; Player B started the tournament with 3 wins. Player A wins the final tiebreak).


There is no tournament right now, but I want to play in a tournament. What can I do?

We have Sit and Go tournaments that allow members to play tournaments anytime. There are several different options for number of players, entry fee, time controls and tournament duration. Use the chat forum to find opponents for a tournament. While on the Tournaments page, navigate to the Sit and Go tab where you will find many tournament options.


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Up your game and vChips with our improved Tactics Trainer!

How do I begin Tactics?


The first time you join the Tactics Trainer, please click the blue “Play New Tactic” button to begin. In the future, you will automatically be brought to the previous question to resume where your last session ended. As each new question begins, you will see an animation, showing what your opponent’s last move was. Then it’s your turn!

What information can I see?

On the left side, you will see the tactics puzzle number, the puzzle’s rating strength, and your tactics trainer rating. In the center, click and drag one of your pieces on the board to solve the puzzle. On the right side is the “Give Up” button which can be used to resign a puzzle. You and your opponent will continue playing through the tactics until either you make an inaccurate move or the puzzle is solved.

I finished the puzzle. What’s next?

After you complete a puzzle, you be given the option to continue to the next puzzle or try the puzzle again. Also on the right side, you will see the buttons to review the puzzle. On the left side, you will see your rating and the puzzle’s rating change, the tactical themes of the puzzle, and some cool statistics about the puzzle’s rating and pass rate percentage.

Are there any vChips involved?

The tactics trainer awards vChips for each correct puzzle solved on the first try. Currently, you will receive 10 vChips for each problem you completely answer correctly. There also is no limit to the number of puzzles you can solve. With thousands of unique tactical puzzles, each player can earn tens of thousands of vChips. In order for the vChips to be added to your account, please refresh your browser. You can also check your vChip balance on the Cashier page.


One of the tactics I solved was marked incorrect. How I can get that fixed?

We have tested all of the problems, but there may be some that are incorrect or incomplete. We apologize for any errors and strive to make each and every puzzle perfect. Please let us know by clicking the Report Problem button to the right of the top of the board. Thank you for helping us make the Tactics Trainer even better!

Disclaimer: Solving the same problem multiple times in a row does not award additional vChips. Creating multiple accounts to earn more vChips via the Tactics Trainer is not allowed and will lead to penalties.



Referral System

How does the VC Referral System work?

We want you to enjoy Velocity Chess and who better to enjoy it with than your friends? As you invite people, you can track their progress towards completing certain goals which award players with vChips. It is that simple!


How can I send invites?

There are three ways to refer your friends to Velocity Chess. Use your unique personal referral link and share it with your friends. Connect with people via social media platforms to reach out to your followers. Finally, you can send official Velocity Chess emails to your friends by entering email addresses.



How do I earn vChips?

When you successfully refer someone, you’ll receive a notification informing you that you have made a referral. You will be able to track your referrals’ progress towards earning vChips using the My Referrals page in the Cashier tab. vChips are awarded when your referrals play 20 games as well as verify their email and ID. You can earn up to 6,000 vChips per referral!

 My Referrals

I can earn 6,000 vChips for just referring one person?

That is correct. You receive 1,000 vChips if your referral verifies an email address. You receive 2,500 vChips if your referred member plays 20 wager games. And you receive another 2,500 vChips if your referral verifies their identification. It is a grand total of 6,000 vChips for a complete referral.


Is there a limit to how many vChips I can earn?

You can earn unlimited vChips for referrals, so spread the word about Velocity Chess and reap the rewards of our Referral Program! Please remember that each person may create only one Velocity Chess account, and additional accounts created by the same person that are referred via this system will be voided. Players who create multiple accounts in order to receive bonus vChips will have vChips deducted and/or have their accounts closed.


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How can I interact with other Velocity Chess members?

Velocity Chess has several cool features that help you interact with other people. There are multiple ways of communicating with other players online and even offline. Use the Notification Bar on the right hand side of your screen to keep track of games, tournaments and friends. Check out the Forum for discussions on a variety of topics. Visit any of the thousands of profile pages to continue interacting with VC members using the vWall feature.

The notification center is the hub for all of your social interactions on the site, and is located on the right edge of your screen. It is divided into 5 sections. The topmost section opens the main chat room. The second section brings you to the Friends panel. The middle section shows you any messages you have received including friend requests. The bottom two sections list the games and tournaments you are currently playing in. The red boxes with numbers tell you that you have something new while the grey boxes mean that there is nothing new.

Chat Room

What is the Notification Center? How do I use it?

What are the different ways of chatting with other players?

There are multiple chat rooms that players use to find opponents, discuss chess, and talk with Velocity staff. You can access them by clicking the top section of the Notification Center. There are also chat windows in the bottom left corner of regular and tournament games as well as challenges sent to other players. One unique feature is private chat, also known as private messaging, which can be used to communicate with your friends. Click on the Friends panel, the second section of the Notification Center. Click the blue Chat button next to the person whom you want to private chat to open a dialog window.

Velocity has an internal email system. You can send any player a message, even if they are offline. Go to the player’s profile page and click the first blue button: Send a Message. You will be brought to screen where you can write a message to that player. If the player is offline, the player will receive the message when they sign back in. Each member also has an inbox and outbox to track previous messages.

What other ways can I communicate with players?

There is the VC forum, located towards the right along the top edge of your screen. The forum is a great place to find out more about what’s going on at Velocity Chess. Check out Contests & Promotions for occasional vChip prizes, provide feedback to help improve the site, and learn more about the features on Velocity Chess. If it is not covered in the FAQ here, the forum is the place to go!

Profile Page

Where can I find my profile page?

In the top right corner of every page is your avatar and rating. Hover over it and click My Profile on the drop down menu to go to your profile page. You can visit other players’ profile pages by clicking on their names, or the profile button next to their name. 


What information is on my page?

You can go to your message inbox to send any VC member an internal email, view your game history, or change your account settings using the blue buttons next to your avatar. You can change your location and About Me message in the top right part of the page. Further down on the left you can write a message on the vWall of any VC member. On the right side of the page, you will see your friends on the Buddy List and a simple Game Statistics box which can be expanded for more details.


Game History

Where should I go to review and analyze previous games?

Next to your avatar are four blue buttons. The top right button is Game History. You will be brought to the game history screen. Use the green slider to sort by regular games and tournament games. You can type in an opponent’s username in the search bar on the right hand side to filter games against that person. Click on vChips or Date to sort the column in ascending or descending order. Most importantly, click on the blue review button to review the actual game.


Can I view other players’ profiles and games?

Absolutely! We encourage players to visit each other’s pages, analyze games and interact with one another.


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I am experiencing lag while playing a game. Why is that?

If you think you have lag, please confirm that is the case. If you are in a game, find the colorful oval to the left of your clock. Green is good, while yellow and red may mean there is some slowness. If you hover over the oval, the mouse over text will display your current ping. You can also go to the top right corner and hover over your avatar. The last line in the drop down menu is your lag. If you are experiencing lag, please try the following steps:

  • Refresh your browser. Press Control + R on a PC or press Command + R on a Mac.
  • Check your account settings and turn off "Animated Piece Moves".
  • Clear your browser history, including all cookies and its cache.
  • Log out of Velocity Chess and close your browser. Reopen your browser and sign back in.

If these three steps do not improve your connection to our servers, please try restarting your computer and logging back in to Velocity Chess. Also, consider your internet speed, connection strength, computer speed as well as any other factors that may affect your computer's performance. If you are using a computer, please use a wired connection which improves speed. Wireless (wifi) connections are often shared and often reduce internet speed. Also, consider turning off or exiting other applications that use internet on your device such as Skype or Java applications. The more processes that you run on your device that require internet, the more the internet speed is shared. The Velocity Chess developers do their best to optimize our servers, but we can not make your internet faster.


My opponent’s clock went up. How is that possible?

The time controls are designed to compensate for players with internet lag. If it takes a few seconds for the move you made to be sent to our servers, and then to your opponent, then that is a few seconds your opponent is waiting to see your move. Meanwhile, your opponent’s clock is running on your computer. When your opponent’s move is sent back to your computer, it also refreshes your opponent’s clock with the correct amount of time spent thinking about the next move.


I think there is a bug on your site. Where can I let you know about that?

In the bottom right corner of each page is a green Support tab. You can write us a note and we will contact you. You may also go to your avatar in the top right corner of your screen. The fourth item is Feedback, next to the megaphone. Click it and fill out the form. We appreciate your feedback!


I lost vChips because of a bug on your site. How do I get a refund?

First, please ensure that the issue is an actual bug, and not internet lag, a slow computer, or other external factors. Submit your proof (either a screenshot or a link to the game) using the Support tab in the lower left corner of your screen. We may choose to award a refund if there is sufficient evidence, and on a case by case basis. This answer does not guarantee a response to all inquiries, nor does it guarantee a refund.


Where are the account settings? What can I change?

From your profile page, you can click on the Account Settings button next to the avatar. You can also go to the top right corner and hover over your avatar. The second item on the drop down list is Account Settings. On your Account Settings page, you can customize your board and sound. Other gameplay tuning such as automatic queen promotion and social aspects such as challenges and notifications can be turned on or off. You can also change your email address and password.


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What are the rules at Velocity Chess?

Use of chess software or a chess engine is not allowed during games in progress.

Intentionally losing games, known as sandbagging, is not allowed.

Use of multiple Velocity Chess accounts is prohibited.

In general, any attempt to unfairly gain vChips from other players or Velocity Chess is grounds for termination of an account.

Also, we welcome everyone who is a positive member of our community. Those who are disrespectful of others may be penalized.

There are additional guidelines on our Terms of Use agreement. All Velocity Chess players must agree before using the site.

Also, please read the Velocity Chess Rule book located in the forum by clicking here.


I keep losing games and I think my opponent is a robot. Or maybe a computer. What should I do?

There are occasionally people who use chess programs and engines to unfairly gain an advantage. We actively monitor games in order to prevent this from occurring. However, if you suspect someone of engine use, please send an email to Using chess software as assistance in a current game is prohibited on Velocity Chess, and violators are dealt with swiftly.


My opponent is playing significantly below his rating strength. I think he is purposely losing games. Is that allowed?

This practice is called sandbagging, and no, it is not allowed on Velocity Chess. If your opponent is intentionally throwing games, please send an email to Since time handicaps are affected by ratings, sandbaggers are quickly addressed.


Can I make another account?

No, making multiple accounts is not allowed. People who make additional accounts will be removed promptly.


Can I give vChips to my friends?

No. You may play chess against your friends for vChips, but transferring vChips or giving vChips to your friends is not allowed. Any type of illicit vChip transfers between two or more accounts may be grounds for an investigation.


How can I report someone for cheating?

Please send an email to You may also leave us a note using the Support tab in the bottom right corner of your screen. We review each and every email to ensure that all concerns are resolved appropriately. Please do not accuse others of cheating in public, whether it is the chat room, forums, or elsewhere. Accusatory behavior may result in consequences.


What are the consequences for cheating?

According to the Terms of Service, cheaters receive consequences depending on the type and severity of the offense. Generally, the first offense results in the loss of vChips and a warning, while any subsequent offenses result in permanently banning the account(s).


How does Velocity Chess determine whether or not someone is cheating?

Part of our process is looking at a player’s games and seeing whether or not it is likely that a computer would make those moves. The rest of our process is top secret, so we can continue to effectively detect cheaters.


Do I get a refund if I have played someone banned for cheating?

You may receive a net refund of the vChips lost to a player banned for using chess software or engine use. We may also award vChips in special cases as deemed necessary. Please do not ask for refunds; they will be distributed on a case by case basis.

Why is the person I reported for cheating still playing?

Velocity Chess will only ban players if we are absolutely certain that the player has cheated or broken their agreement outlined in the Velocity Chess Terms of Service. If we are not completely sure that is the case, we will continue to gather more evidence. For that reason, all decisions are final.

Are there any other rules I should be aware of?

Please be respectful of other players. Please use appropriate language, be considerate while in public chat rooms, and refrain from spamming other players. Behavior that is in violation of the Velocity Chess Terms of Service will result in appropriate consequences.


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Is Velocity Chess safe?

Yes, Velocity Chess take every measure to ensure your personal info is kept private. We do not share any of your information with anyone else. Period.


What is the General Identity Verification process?

Velocity Chess has a two step identity process to ensure that you are eligible for prizes. Once you have played 100 rated games, you may fill out the form. The first form is the General Identity Verification form located both as a button on your profile page as well as a button on the Cashier vChip Ledger page. Fill out the form using an accepted piece of identification such as a driver's license or other government issued ID. Afterwards, once you submit a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with your username written on it (commonly known as a reddit-style ID), you will be eligible for receive prizes. Velocity Chess requires all members who exchange vChips for gift cards to complete this process. Members only have to verify once, and this process also unlocks other features. If you have further questions about this process, please ask a member of the Velocity Chess Security Team.

How do I know that my opponent is a real person who plays chess by the rules?

After a player verifies their identity using the General Identity Verification form, they receive a green check mark icon next to their name. These players have been cleared by the Security team, which means they have been approved. Other players have a title next to their name, such as (GM), (FM), (IM), or (NM). These players are titled players who have successfully submitted ID. Most people with icons next to their names should be good opponents, however, we recommend that before you challenge a player to a high vChip game, you look at their past game history to get a better idea if you do want to challenge them. If you do play a few games and think something is strange, consider stopping and finding a new opponent, or play for fewer vChips. Velocity Chess does its best to ensure a fun and safe place to play chess, but we can not do it without your help!


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